Welcome to Peace Nepal Environment Society (PNES)Peace Nepal Environment Society (PNES) is an NGO (Non-Government Organization) working in the sector of environment since 2008 A.D. PNES is a social organization run by the Nepali youth, which intervenes against deforestation and poverty.

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One House One Tree Project by PNES

Women Self-employment Programmes

“Ek ghar ek rukh” abhiyan of Peace Nepal Environment Society (PNES) was initiated in 2008 and is continuing till date. It has initiated and recorded many success stories regarding this project. More than 15 community and 2000 Households were benefitted in different remote areas of the country such as Khadka Bhadrakali V.D.C, Lapsifedi V.D.C, Dakshinkali, Jhor Mahankal V.D.C, Bishnu Budhanilkantha V.D.C and many other. 
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"Knitting and Sewing Training" held in different part of the country is another step in "Women Self-employment Programmes" run by Peace Nepal Environment Society (PNES). The initiation was taken as a small step towards making nepalese women self estem and powerful in various sector.
PNES is also working in other aspects such as giving training in tunnel farming, kitchen gardening so that trainee can take advantage of these trainings and help to become self-confidence and stand in between me in the society with their head high.